Equipment Rental

Translators in Mexico has a full range of interpretation equipment to cover each and every need of the client.

  • Full-size, walk-in, virtually soundproof booths, built pursuant to ISO specifications
  • Comfortable tabletop booths, when room and cost awareness are important factors
  • Williams Sound wireless radio frequency receivers or Sennheiser infrared headsets. We shy away from non-commercial receiver brands since the listener does not receive the quality we strive to provide
  • Hand-held microphones, wireless microphones, lapel microphones, bodypacks (lavalieres)
  • Full time, on-site technical supervision
  • Projectors, screens
  • Recording, video and photography services

We have the devices to service anything from a tour to a boardroom meeting to a Multilanguage conference.

Peritos Auxiliares del TSJCDMX